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Comstock & Wescott High Speed
Recirculating Premelters

C&W Premelters
C&W Premelters are designed to provide adhesive at uniform application temperature through a wide range of use rates.  Our Premelters are capable of melting and pumping up to 285lbs of adhesive per hour at temperatures exceeding 400˚ F.  Melt rates may be controlled to match large or small requirements without affecting application temperature.  Excessive cooking and degradation is minimized because the mass of adhesive is held below application temperature in the premelter

Advantages of the C&W Premelter

  • Fast Startup – Fully automatic startup is complete in 60 minutes or less, providing maximum flexibility.  The timer starts the unit automatically so the adhesive is ready for production when the crew arrives.

  • Safety – No dangerous bucketing of hot adhesives.  No elevated tank requiring adhesive hoisting and awkward inspection.

  • Convenience – Flexible heated lines simplify installation and allow placement at a convenient location away from operator work areas.

  • Eliminates Adhesive Degradation – Adhesive is held at low temperature in the main tank.   Then it’s delivered at application temperature, under pressure, out of contact with the air.

  • Flexibility – Comstock & Wescott Premelters work with adhesive chunks, cakes or pellets.

  • C&W High Speed Adhesive Systems can be installed on:

  • Sheridan / Heidelberg / Harris / Goss International UB, XB, Hinge Clamp, Cast Iron, and Rack Drive Binders
    Dexter Binders
    Martini Binders
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