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Comstock & Wescott Saw and Rougher Sharpening & Repair Service.
It just makes sense.  Have your C&W Saws and Roughers Sharpened and Repaired on the machines that produced them, with the precise angles needed to maximize performance and with OEM replacement teeth specifically engineered for each blade. 

Don’t settle for incorrect cutting and roughing angles and guesswork replacement teeth.  Send your Saws and Roughers directly to Comstock & Wescott, Inc. for Sharpening and Repair!

Common Questions and Customer Statements:

Why don’t my Saws and Roughers work like they did when I first purchased them?

We often get calls from customers wondering just that.  Without fail, the reason for their reduced performance proves to be that the blades are being sharpened and repaired somewhere besides C&W.  Precise cutting and roughing angles are critical to Saw and Rougher performance.  OEM replacement teeth are necessary to ensure maximum functionality.

Bind a better book!  Have your Comstock & Wescott Saws and Roughers sharpened and serviced by their manufacturer, ensuring proper cutting and roughing angles and OEM replacement teeth!

My local shop does a great job.
Are you sure?  Each week we receive multiple crates of C&W Saws and Roughers from small grind shops across the country.  They collect the blades from you, and then send them here for proper sharpening and repair.  Does your local shop offer you same day emergency service at no additional cost when a crisis hits?  Comstock & Wescott, Inc. does.

Avoid paying an unnecessary markup on C&W sharpening and repair services!  Avoid the middleman.  Send your Saws and Roughers directly to C&W for sharpening and repair!

I’m sure I can get a better price locally.
Because we deal in volume, both in the number of blades we sharpen and repair, as well as  in the bulk quantities of replacement teeth we produce combined with the dedicated machines we have just for repair service, C&W can almost always beat prices charged by local carbide or sharpening shops. 

Combine lower pricing with superior service and the choice becomes easy.  Comstock & Wescott, Inc.

The shipping costs will be prohibitive.

We’ve been doing this a long time.  C&W has developed ways to minimize the cost of shipping C&W Saws and Roughers.  In addition, we have a program that can actually eliminate return shipping costs altogether.

Don’t delay.  Start saving money while improving performance by having Comstock & Wescott, Inc. Sharpen and Repair your Saws and Roughers.  Call or email today for a quote on Sharpening and Repair Service.
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