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Comstock & Wescott Cutoff Saws & Raker Roughers

“The most flexible and accurate cutoff & roughing system available”

Single Spindle Saw

Used for signature fold cutoff on books up to 1 ½” bulk.  Depending on stock and type of Binder, this unit will operate at up to 300 books per minute.

A single dustless saw cutting against a quick-adjust backup, cuts off the signature fold at any desired depth.  The resulting surface is flat and accurate, producing a constant roughing depth.

 The Single Spindle Saw comes complete with micrometer height readout, safety guard, exhaust adapter to 7 inches and mounting slides.

Dual Offset Saw

The Dual Offset Saw is used for signature fold cutoff of books in from 1” to 2 ¾” bulk.  It also operates at any binder speed up to 300 books per minute. 

Two counter-rotating dustless saws enter each side of the book halfway through, cutting off the signature fold at any desired depth.  The resulting surface is uniform, permitting precise rougher settings.  The Dual Offset Saw comes with a backup for accurate cutoff of very thin books.  Micrometer height readout, safety guard, and mounting slides are also included.

The C&W Raker Rougher

High profile, pointed teeth will expose more backbone fiber than the flatter top teeth used for easy binding stocks.  The limiting factor in roughing with high profile teeth has been the generation of loosely adhered tabs, which show in the back gutter and reduce book strength.  If the tabs created in the roughing process are removed by mechanically tearing them off, and the fibers already exposed by the roughing teeth are not disturbed, than excellent biding surface is created. 

Since our specially angled tearing inserts are fixed with respect to the roughing teeth, depth of cut, tilt, and changes in speed become far less critical factors in quality backbone preparation.

The C&W Raker Rougher will uniformly rough the backbone of all types and sizes of books.  Not only does it work seamlessly with C&W Cutoff Saws, but can replace or compliment other roughing equipment already in place.

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