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Simply.  Outstanding.

You know how it goes with conventional bookbinding glue pots; maintenance problems, trouble with stability at high speeds, frequently incorrect spinner settings, not to mention how difficult it is to tell just how much glue is going on the books.

Our Applicator does away with most glue pot problems.

Many years of rigorous field-testing have proven the superiority of the Comstock & Wescott Model B High Speed Reverse Wheel Applicator.  Maintenance problems are virtually eliminated.  Stability issues have just about vanished.  Quality is uniformly excellent.

Simplicity is the secret.

We’ve made the seemingly simple glue pot even simpler.  We got rid of the spinner.  Did away with the baffles.  We eliminated gears.  Threw out rotary electrical contacts, and cut lubrication to once a week.

The results: a minimum of maintenance, easy access to all controls and adjustments, all this with almost no exposure or smoking of the adhesive, meaning no need for vents and hoods.


Our applicator puts a much more precise glue film (within 5%) on any book.  That’s because the film cutoff at head and foot is sharp and sure.  Since there is no spinner, glue isn’t dragged past the cutoff line and away from book edges.  That means better outside page strength as well as automatic hinging.

Our applicator’s superior performance will give trouble free operation at any speed up to 300 books per minute!

Other advantages of the C&W High Speed Adhesive Applicator:

· Glue film thickness is adjustable “on the fly” and is indicated by micrometer readout to .001” (.025mm).
· Optional automatic level control eliminates the occurrence of overflow sand the need for operator attention.
· Doctor blade cutoff is fast and accurate.
· Rugged, simplified parts slash downtime and speed repairs.
· No Premelter is required for intermittent or low speed applications.
·The compact design (28” long, 8” high) permits easy replacement of your present glue pot.

Improve your bookbinding and eliminate problems in the process!  Please call or email today to discuss all the benefits our High Speed Adhesive Applicator can produce for your operation.

What if I have a specific application that absolutely requires a spinner?

For those who require a spinner for their application, we have the Comstock & Wescott Model BS-392.  Enjoy all the quality and durability of our Model B Applicator with the addition of a fully adjustable, easy to use spinner unit.

Call or email today for more information!!

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